Ultra Stamping & Assembly, Inc. (USA) is a Global Leader in the Stamping Industry

Since it was established in 1979, the growth and history of Ultra Stamping and Assembly, Inc. has been marked by one unifying focus: building better value for our customers.

Our dramatic expansion in 1989 was a direct result of our adherence to four important management tools that figure prominently in our efforts to build better value for our customers and improve performance: strategic planning, technology, employee involvement and dedication to quality.

  • Strategic planning charts our direction and determines where we expand, where we contract.
  • Through technology we improve our processes and add to our products.
  • Through employee involvement we improve our productivity.
  • And through our dedication to quality, we ensure that our customers receive the best value possible.

Ultra Stamping and Assembly, Inc. maintains its position as global leader in the stamping industry.

The metal stamping manufacturer who can best respond to its customer's variations with speed, new ideas, better service and accurate quoting will be thought of as a valuable team member. This is our goal.

At Ultra Stamping and Assembly, Inc. we intend to maintain our leadership in the stamping industry by firm dedication to one belief: we can meet and beat domestic and foreign competition by working smarter and continually finding new ways to improve our products, processes and services. To this we are committed.


ISO 9001:2015

Quality does not happen by accident. It must be planned. Employing highly skilled and talented people is one of the most important elements in the quality equation, and great efforts are made on a regular basis at Ultra Stamping and Assembly, Inc.to identify, recruit and retain the best talent within the stamping industry.

We exercise statistical methods of analyzing our processes, which allows us to maintain a culture of defect prevention rather than defect detection. This forms the basis of our continuous improvement philosophy, which permits us to continually improve our processes while decreasing the costs to our customers.