Metal Stamped Contacts for the Automotive Industry in Illinois, California & Europe

Using our advanced metal stamping technology, Ultra Stamping & Assembly, Inc. manufactures 45,000,000 of the following contact annually for the automotive industry. These contacts are available in single piece, reel to reel, and in various part lengths to accommodate multiple switch lines and automation. Our advanced stamping machinery can hold tolerances to +/- 0.00060 of an inch.

This specific contact is constructed from 0.0060 of an inch thick 302 stainless steel. The base material is pre-plated with a silver plating over a nickel strike.

At the onset of the project Ultra worked with our customers engineering group through R&D to develop the required specifications for both Force and Return Force to actuate the contact. These requirements are monitored through our real time quality inspection software.

Our consistent history of quality has led to dock to stock shipments to ensure just-in-time delivery to our client's facilities in Illinois, California, and Europe. Our contacts meet automotive industry standards and fulfill all client expectations for quality.

Capabilities Applied/Processes: Metal Stamping - Available in single pieces, reel to reel, and various part lengths
Tightest Tolerance: +/- 0.00060"
Material Thickness: 0.0060" +/- 0.00060"
Product Length: 0.5920"
Product Width: 0.3260"
Product Height: 0.1400"
Product Weight: 0.136 (g)
Gauge Size: 0.0060"
Bend Angle: 90° +1° / -3° degrees
Number of Cavities: 1
Base Material: 0.0060" 302 Stainless Steel
Material Thickness Applied (plating/powder coating/painting): Nickel Strike with a Silver Flash
Material Used: 0.0060" 302 Stainless Steel
Material Finish: Silver
Packaging: Custom Packaging container or continuous reel to reel
Special Feature: Force and return force control
Industry for Use: Automotive
Volume: 45,000,000Annual
Delivery Time: JIT and Dock to Stock
Delivery Location: Illinois, California, and Europe
Product Name: Contact