Metal Stamped Inserts for the Insert Molding & Automotive Industry in Illinois

Using our advanced metal stamping technology, Ultra Stamping & Assembly, Inc. manufactures 1,000,000 of the following inserts annually for the Insert Molding and Automotive industry. These inserts are provided in single pieces and supplied in custom packaging.

This specific insert is constructed from 0.0320 of an inch thick 110 copper with multiple selective plating finishes. Customer plating specifications require select tin, select nickel, and select gold finish to be applied to specific features of the insert. In addition to the select plating requirements, areas of exposed base copper are also required.

To fulfill these requirements efficiently Ultra worked with our plating supplier to develop a selective plating process that allows us to produce the part in a single stamping operation.

In addition to the plating requirements the insert has two distinctive extruded straight sided dimples held 0.0280 - 0.0350 of an inch tall and 0.0630 - 0.0650 of an inch wide. The terminal widths are held to +/- .001 of an inch and are formed to 15 degrees. These requirements are all monitored through our real time quality inspection software.

Parts are produced and packed by hand into custom packaging established through R&D at the onset of the project to ensure that parts are not damaged in transit. They are provided just-in-time to our client's facility in Illinois.

Capabilities Applied/Processes: Selective plate nickel, tin, and gold
Tightest Tolerance: +/- .0010"
Material Thickness: .0320" +/- .0010"
Product Length: 2.750"
Product Width: 1.860"
Product Height: .120"
Product Weight: 13.08 (g)
Gauge Size: .0320" +/- .001
Bend Angle: 15° +/- 1°
Number of Cavities: 1
Base Material: 110 Cu (copper)
Material Thickness Applied (plating/powder coating/painting): Select nickel - 0.00010" one side only - Select Gold - 0.000030" / 0.00050" over nickel - Select tin 0.000030" / 0.000060" both sides
Material Used: 110 Cu (copper)
Material Finish: Select Plating
Packaging: Custom
Special Feature: Selective plating and (2) extruded dimples 0.0280" - 0.0350" tall x 0.0630" - 0.0650" wide
Secondary Operations Applied: Custom Packaging
Industry for Use: Insert Molding, Automotive
Volume: 1,000,000 annual
Delivery Time: JIT
Delivery Location: Illinois
Product Name: Insert