Metal Stamped Heat Tabs for the Computer Industry in Illinois, Mexico & Texas

Using our advanced metal stamping technology, Ultra Stamping & Assembly, Inc. manufactures 500,000 of the following heat tabs annually for the computer industry. These heat tabs are provided in single pieces and supplied in custom packaging.

This specific heat tab is constructed from 0.0160 of an inch thick 110 copper with a matte tin finish. Customer specifications require the tin finish to be applied to all four sides of the terminal ends. To fulfill this requirement efficiently Ultra produces the heat tabs in a punch, plate, punch process. We stamp or remove material from the strip copper to expose the areas that require plating on all four surfaces. The stamped copper is then taken up onto a reel and sent out for a 0.000150/ 0.00030 matte tin finish. The plated strip is then returned to Ultra for the final stamping stage where the finished heat tabs are produced.

Customer specifications for flatness require custom packaging. For this purpose we worked with our customers engineering group through R&D to develop a custom packaging system that will ensure that we maintain the flatness requirement through all stages including transit. To do this without incurring additional costs, we made tooling specific parts chutes to automatically stack parts to a specific quantity onto custom packing materials.

After manufacturing is complete, we then provide just-in-time shipping of all completed items in custom packaging to our client's facilities in Illinois, Mexico, and Texas.

Capabilities Applied/Processes: Metal Stamping, Punch, Plate, Punch, Custom Packaging
Tightest Tolerance: .00015"
Material Thickness: 0.0160" +/- 0.0010"
Product Length: 1.5870"
Product Width: .7840"
Product Height: 0.016"
Product Weight: 1.89 (g)
Gauge Size: 0.0160" +/- .0010"
Number of Cavities: 1
Cutting Method: Metal Stamping
Base Material: 110 Cu (copper)
Material Thickness Applied (plating/powder coating/painting): 0.000150" / 0.00030" Matte Tin Plating
Material Used: 110 Cu (copper)
Color: Matte- Tin
Material Finish: Matte-Tin
Packaging: Custom Packaging - Ref pictures
Special Feature: Plating and flatness requirements
Secondary Operations Applied: Secondary Plating and Stamping
Industry for Use: Computer
Volume: 500,000 Annual
Delivery Time: JIT
Delivery Location: Illinois, Mexico, and Texas
Product Name: Heat Tab